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Welcome to my website!  I am Matt Kacar, a lifelong resident of the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania.  My musical direction was set at a very young age.  I would spend countless hours with my parents' record collection, and listening to the radio in my mom's '66 Mustang.  There was no turning back.

Mr. Jack White once said "any man with a microphone can tell you what he loves the most". With this podcast, I am setting out to prove him right. In my case, these are the people that I love and respect the most. This podcast will give artists from the past, present, and future a forum to tell their story.  Where they've been and how they got there, and what comes next. Local and national musicians, actors, photographers, tattoo never know who you might meet. Well known or not so well known, they are all right here. You will feel closer to them at the end of the show.  Join me and find out!

My friend, Hiyori, has a band in Hamburg Germany called BASH.O. I am now opening my show with their song "Funky Monkey". Check out their links below. You can learn more about them and sample their music. Tell em Matt sent you!



The new album from Smash Palace is OUT NOW!  "Some Kind of Magic" is available at Check it out!









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